All The Games Revealed At Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

Nintendo Switch Indie World

On the off chance that you may have missed Nintendo’s latest Indie announcement video, we’ve got the list of titles heading to Switch right here for you to peruse at your leisure. The games that were shown comprise a list of titles already available right now on the E-Shop and those still to come. So take a peek at what’s heading to the Switch, and what’s already there, as there seems to be something for everyone.

Road 96:

Developer Digixart brings the classic road trip formula to their game with one exception: procedural storytelling for this narrative driven adventure. The choices you make will have a vast variety of outcomes, promoting replayability as you attempt to see every way in which you can influence the game.

Aerial_Knights Never Yield:

This parkour inspired side-scrolling runner sees you hotfooting it through a future Tokyo inspired Detroit all too a funky jazz and hip-hop inspired soundtrack. A demo is available on the E-Shop for you to check out.

Last Stop:

Last stop takes place in London during a supernatural crisis that will push three characters together in a third person adventure game.


Hindsight is a narrative drive title that places you in the shoes of a woman exploring her past and reminiscing about her family. Objects will take you into her memories to explore the choices that defined her life.

OlliOlli World:

Roll7 brings you back into the world of 2D platform skateboarding with the latest title in their OlliOlli franchise. This time it’s about finding the sweet spot around the world as you search for the mystical skate gods.

The Longing:

The Longing, which will be available by the time you read this, is an interesting title in which you take on the role of the last servant of a king, who is waiting for his king to return. The kicker? You have to wait 400 days for this to happen. What’s really intriguing is that those days will happen in real time. How will you choose to pass the time?

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension:

Also available by now, There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is a point and click comedy adventure that seems to be composed of many other gaming styles.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge:

Finally a Turtle game I can get behind! Shredder’s Revenge is a classic 2D side scrolling beat-em-up in the vein of the classic Turtle arcade games complete with an art style and designs reminiscent of the 1980’s TMNT cartoon.

Cris Tales:

Cris Tales is an RPG with not only a unique visual style, but a time travel mechanic that works in both exploration and combat. Choices will have to be made that can affect the outcome of NPC’s lives.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon:

Sporting a visual style similar to Japanese Paintings, GetsuFumaDen is a 2D action platformer is a sequel to the Japanese only Famicon cult classic; GetsuFumaDen. After 1000 years the gates of Hell have opened and unleashed demons into the world. It’s your job to venture into hell itself to close the gates again.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods:

Set in the future, this 3D action game sees you exploring Aztec mythology and fighting the gods, as mortals are wont to do.

Skul: The Hero Slayer:

It’s time for the hero’s to pay for their sins, and who better to return the favour than one of those millions of undead skeletons that gets pummelled every year. This 2D action platformer sees you swopping between different skulls for their unique abilities.

Art of Rally:

This stylised top-down racing game takes you through the history of rally racing.


Take on the role of two kiwi birds working in a postal office. KeyWe is a puzzle game in which you have to get the mail out on time.

Labyrinth City: Pierre The Maze Detective:

Based on a series of children’s books, this adventure puzzle game will have you navigating massive mazes to catch Mr. X.

Weaving Tides:

Another puzzle adventure game, Weaving Tides lets you ride your very own carpet dragon as you have to save a textile world.

The House of The Dead: Remake:

Sega’s classic light gun game featuring atrocious dialogue, branching paths and plenty of zombies to perforate hits the Switch with a remake that should make many, many fans happy at its return.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of The Knights:

This 2D Metroidvania RPG has you exploring the ruins of a destroyed nation to find the truth.

Beast of Maravilla Island:

This 3D adventure game places you in the role of a wildlife photographer on Maravilla Island, searching for the wonderful creatures that live there and to photograph them for posterity.


Fez is a puzzle platformer that paces you in the role of Gomez who thinks he inhabits a 2D world until the 3rd dimension is revealed to him.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals:

Oxenfree 2 takes place five years after the first game. This unique narrative adventure game sees protagonist Riley returning to her hometown to deal with problems of the supernatural kind.

And there you have it. If you want to watch the entire showcase, you can do that below:

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