Apex Legends reaches 100 million players

Apex Legends 100 Million Players

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with battle royale games. It started when a group of us picked up the truly awful Xbox One version of PUBG, and found almost every death came – miraculously – by headshot from a mile away. Fortnite provided a much better experience and a more tolerable skill variance, but none of us were a fan of the construction heavy end-game (nor skilled enough for that degree of multitasking).

Apex Legends, over 2-years old already, was the one we stuck with. We shared a love of movement and gunplay in Titanfall 2’s campaign and Frontier Defence PvE modes, so it was the perfect fit. Despite the usual BR bullsh*t – going from tense balanced encounters to having your entire team gunned down by one player that the death-screen indicates has taken several hundred points of damage – the seasonal rotations and increasing prevalence of unique game modes has kept it fresh.

This week, the Apex Legends Twitter account announced they had hit 100 million players. Presumably, this is the number of unique players (or at least gamer profiles) since launch, and it makes a lot of sense given the financial success it has been for Respawn and EA.

The upcoming Season 9 is promising plenty of Titanfall-universe content, but it remains to be seen if this means a tease for Titanfall 3, or a reminder that as long as people are willing to pay literal billions of dollars towards cosmetics, we’re just getting more themed skins in Apex Legends.

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