Watch Hogwarts Legacy’s Gameplay Showcases

As we get closer to Hogwarts Legacy’s February 2023 release date, Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software have been slowly releasing new details on the game, giving players and Potter fans a clearer look on what to expect.

While the release details have been slow, and some cuts have had to be made (sorry Quidditch fans), the game is shaping up to be something special with a very clear love and respect for the source material.

The first state of play gameplay showcase, featuring fourteen minutes of footage, came out seven months ago. (We’ve handily plonked both videos into this piece for you to see with the original reveal video first). Since then, we’ve had a look at the various House’s common rooms, a haunted shop quest and some weather effects in action. The latest showcase provides a much larger insight into the gameplay and runs a whopping forty-seven minutes long.

Inside this new reveal, there’s a look at the games character creator, a tour of the school, some Easter eggs for the hardcore fans and a look at how the combat system will work. Now most of what’s on show has been chosen to avoid revealing spoilers, but what is here is certainly an exciting look at what the developers are aiming for. What is immediately apparent is the visual fidelity and obsessive attention to detail layered onto the world and its surroundings.

The clear star of this showcase is clearly Hogwarts itself. The environment design for the school, its hallways, rooms and classrooms looks absurdly fantastic. Design styles have been chosen from both the books and the movies so eagled eyed fans, who know their Potter lore inside out, will be able to enjoy the attention to detail. This Hogwarts Legacy’s showcase focus was on the school with a brief glimpse of the outside world and its surrounding areas that, according to the developers, if you can see it, you can get to it.

The combat will be range based, because spells obviously, and will make use of a counter system with specific spells used to break enemy shields.

Hogwarts Legacy launches on the 10th of February, 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

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