Last Labyrinth gets a physical release exclusively at Strictly Limited Games

Strictly Limited Games, in partnership with Amata K.K., is releasing the limited boxed editions of Last Labyrinth exclusively via their store
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Strictly Limited Games, in partnership with Amata K.K., is excited to team up and release the limited boxed editions of Last Labyrinth for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. In Last Labyrinth Players must escape a mansion full of hidden dangers alongside a mysterious girl named Katia, who is unable to speak or understand their language. Katia is voiced by Stefanie Joosten, known for her role as Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5.

In Last Labyrinth, you will awaken in an unfamiliar mansion with your arms and hands bound and immobilized in a wheelchair. Your only hope for survival lies with Katia. Katia however, relies solely on nonverbal cues to interact with you and this makes for some truly unique cooperative gameplay.

Players must rely on subtle gestures, eye contact, and body language to convey their intentions and understand Katia’s instructions. This communication style creates a sense of intimacy and cooperation between the characters, requiring a deep understanding and trust to unravel the mysteries of the mansion.

Katia presents you with a series of intensive, meticulous, and inventive escape room puzzles. These riddles progressively grow in complexity and diversity, encompassing challenges related to numbers and brain-teasing tasks. Each puzzle must be solved in order to advance in your venture.

Previously a PlayStation VR exclusive, this new version adds the option to turn-off VR, to make it accessible to players worldwide who do not own a VR Headset. Additionally, Last Labyrinth now supports PlayStation VR2 on the PlayStation 5, enhancing the immersive gameplay experience even more.The Nintendo Switch version will be named Last Labyrinth -Lucidity Lost- and will remove the VR functionality.

Since we had the pleasure to release the original Last Labyrinth in its physical form on PlayStation 4, creating a physical Edition for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 was an obvious choice for us.

These editions will exclusively be available at Strictly Limited Games  and will be the ONLY physical version of the game worldwide.

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