There’s a new range RIG PRO Series gaming headsets on the market

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Although I used the RIG 150 chat headset and a RIG 400 stereo gaming headset at the start of the last console generation (with the RIG 400 still going strong), the brand has rarely caught my eye since it moved under Nacon. That changed this week with the reveal of three new RIG PRO Series gaming headsets coming to the market, including a budget, competitive gaming, and wireless variant. They sport the same distinctive and attractive angular frame of the originals and look to offer quality audio reproduction and comfort at an affordable price.

RIG 300 PRO: A quality gaming headset at a budget price 

The RIG 300 PRO headset features oversized earcups with precision-tuned 40mm drivers to produce deep bass and clear highs. The ultralight headset frame is flexible, durable and supposedly “virtually unbreakable”, with a fabric-covered foam headband and ear cushions to keep them comfortable for long gaming sessions. The microphone flips up discreetly for easy storage and despite the aesthetic finish, all models are compatible with other platforms and any device with a 3.5mm port.

  • 300 PRO HS for PlayStation, in black or white, with an RRP of €29.99
  • 300 PRO HX for Xbox, in black or white, with an RRP of €29.99
  • 300 PRO HN for Nintendo Switch, in black, with an RRP of €29.99
RIG 300 Pro

RIG 500 PRO GEN 2: A competitive-grade gaming headset

The new RIG 500 PRO is an update of the prior model with a few upgrades. The headband is more flexible, lightweight, and made of highly durable steel. The dual-material ear cushions are more effective at blocking outside noise and keep you comfy for long gaming sessions. The low distortion, precisely tuned 50 mm drivers are optimized for games with 3D sound and come with a 2-year activation code for Dolby Atmos. The RIG 500 PRO HC (for consoles) is compatible across other platforms and with any device with a 3.5mm port; whereas the RIG 500 PRO HA comes with a Y-splitter cable for soundcards and is recommended for PC gaming (but can also be used with consoles).

  • 500 PRO HC GEN 2, in black or white, with an RRP of €79.99
  • 500 PRO HA GEN 2, in black, with an RRP of €79.99
RIG 500 Pro

RIG 800 PRO: A quality wireless headset with a multi-function base station

RIG 800 PRO features a multi-function base station, which provides wireless connection, charging, and a storage cradle for the headset. The removable wireless USB adapter can also be plugged directly into a console, PC, or laptop – so you can move the stand anywhere for headset charging and storage. The RIG 800 PRO offers 24 hours of battery life in a single charge, a supposedly unbreakable headband with a self-adjusting head strap, and dual-material ear cushions for comfort. The precision 40 mm drivers with bass enhancers are engineered to produce accurate 3D audio and any purchase includes a lifetime licence for Dolby Atmos.

  • 800 PRO HS for PlayStation with an RRP of €199.99
  • 800 PRO HX for Xbox with an RRP of €199.99
  • 800 PRO HD for PC with an RRP of €199.99
RIG 800 Pro
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