Gigabyte Awarded Red Dot Design Award for Third Year in a Row

Gigabyte Wins Red Dot Design Award for third year running.
GIGABYTE Red Dot Design Award 2022

The Red Dot Design Award is an international competition in which brands compete for honours and the bragging rights of being recognised as some of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional products in the world. Awarded annually, the Awards are much sought after as brands compete to one-up each other.

Competition is always a great thing for consumers and Gigabyte has come out on top once again this year.

This year marks the third year in a row that Gigabyte has won the categories they entered.

The first product to be awarded the prestigious award is their Z690 AERO series of motherboards. With its sleek aesthetics and creator-focused features the motherboards won over the panel of judges, in particular the VisionLINK feature which removes cable clutter by combining power and data transmission to a pen display via a single UCB Type – C cable allows creators to keep their workspaces clean and clear while working on their latest projects.

Continuing with the creator theme, the AERO 17 was recognised for its redesigned look as well as managing to fit the latest hardware into a thin and light chassis. The jury loved the aesthetic but praised it for the performance allowing creators to take their work with them.

Owing its win to some clever engineering the AERO 15 was recognised for cramming a 17” panel into a 15” chassis. This adds to the overall sleek design aesthetic and helps reduce bulk and weight and was praised for defying the stereotype that gaming laptops must be big and bulky. The large display added to the immersive gaming experience on the go helping to lift this laptop above the competition.

Gigabyte sees the continued success and recognition at the Red Dot Design Awards as a sign that their team is meeting the needs of their fans while maintaining their commitment to “Upgrade Your Life”.

Source: Gigabyte Press Release

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