Gotham Knights Launch Gameplay Trailer Debuts

Step Into The Knight
Gotham Knights Showcases New Gameplay, Last Gen Versions Cancelled

With only eleven days to go, WB Games and WB Games Montreal are giving us just a little more footage of Gotham Knights to analyse. Of course, there have already been several character trailers and in-depth gameplay trailers, highlighting the game’s features, giving us a taste of how the story will unfold, and a feel for the combat will flow. If you weren’t sure what to expect from the game beforehand, now you should.

The latest trailer is a quick sequence of in-game cutscenes and gameplay snippets, showcasing our four protagonists, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood, as they take on the criminal underworld of Gotham City in an effort to stop Gotham from descending into chaos now that Batman is gone. There are some familiar faces in the rogue’s gallery of supervillains, specifically Clayface, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze and the big bad(s) of Gotham Knights – The Court of The Owls. And, if you’re paying special attention, there’s a bit of combat gameplay and co-op takedowns on display too!

If you’ve been keeping your head down until now, Gotham Knights is set after the death of Batman, where it’s up to the four members of the Bat-family to carry on the Dark Knight Detective’s crusade against crime. The game will feature co-op play, in which you can explore the open world of Gotham City with a friend together or separately, upgrade your characters with crafted gear, and stop crimes as they happen. What kind of Bat will you be?

Whether you’re hyped or sceptical, it won’t be long before we discover if the first Batman game since 2015 (san Batman) was worth the wait. We’ll hopefully be working on our review soon, in time for October 21st, 2022 when Gotham Knights launches on PS5, Xbox Series consoles, and PC.

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