Conan Exiles: Isles of Siptah Launches On Consoles

Conan Exiles has some new content available on consoles.

Developer Funcom is still adding to their open world crafting and survival title, Conan Exiles, with the release of the game’s latest expansion for console. By the time you read this, the expansion will be available to purchase and download for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series machines.

Described by Funcom as the game’s largest expansion yet, Isles of Siptah will throw you onto a brand new island with nothing but the clothes on your back and a desire for conquest. Surviving a shipwreck, you’ll have to start your empire from scratch as you explore the island and try to decipher and survive its ancient secrets. At the centre of the island looms a massive tower, surrounded by a maelstrom that spawns Outer monstrosities. Dare you brave it for the treasure within?

As with previous expansions, Conan Exiles players will find a new mount – a rhino – and new building blueprints to make this island your home. Scattered across the island are Ancient Vaults for you to plunder. These new dungeons will have new, deadly monstrosities to face, puzzles to solve and loot to collect. The icing on the sword and sorcery cake is Zath, the Spider-God for you to summon forth to devastate your foes – and other players – alike. Remember, resources are scarce and friends even scarcer so all’s fair in love and survival.

Whether you choose to play buy yourself or online, Isles of Siptah will provide you with enough new content to keep you busy for quite some time.

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