Sci-Fi City-Builder, Sphere – Flying Cities Announced

New Sci-Fi City-Builder on the way!
Sci-Fi City-Builder, Sphere - Flying Cities Announced

Publisher Assemble Entertainment last week unveiled the latest title to join its award-winning roster: Sphere – Flying Cities. Developed by Hexagon Sphere Games, Sphere – Flying Cities is a sci-fi city-builder expected to launch on Steam Early Access this Spring (Autumn, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere). Taking place in a post-apocalyptic future, the game sees players manage the well-being of the Earth’s very first flying city inhabited by the planet’s last remaining humans. Utilising a mix of strategy, simulation, and survival elements, Sphere ensures there’s no limit to the truly extraordinary, immersive gameplay scenarios that can be constructed.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

In the not-so-distant future, Earth’s moon has been struck by a massive asteroid. With the fallout rendering the terrestrial surface uninhabitable, the ecosystem of the planet collapses. Facing complete annihilation, humanity makes one final and desperate attempt to survive — thanks to newly-created anti-gravity technology, the first (and possibly last) faction of flying cities ascends as the ultimate bastion of the human race. 

As Commander, you’ve been granted an impossible task: rebuild, restructure, and protect the last of society in an uninhabitable environment. Your primary weapon and invaluable tool? An anti-gravity device you’ll use to navigate the upper atmosphere and the daunting unknown. Stay vigilant, as each decision could have ghastly consequences; be prepared to lay it all on the line to succeed, else risk losing everything you worked for.

Here are some of the key features of Sphere – Flying Cities: 

  • Build It and They Will Come: Erect a living, thriving city with over 30 different building types and maintain your ecosystem via resource management mastery and infrastructure supported by independent economic cycles 
  • Don’t Look Down: Ensure your anti-gravity device and its expanding deflector shield are kept in tip-top shape at all times, as an insufficient power supply will result in a quick (and painful) demise 
  • Send in the Robots: Utilize drones and other scout technologies in hazardous environments to quickly construct buildings, harvest resources, and search for stranded survivors. You may even find rare materials in uncharted territories! 
  • A Geologist in Space: Research new technologies to improve the efficiency of every aspect of your city and withstand a plethora of (un)natural disasters like geomagnetic storms, asteroids, and poisonous clouds
  • A Delicate Ecosystem: The well-being of your people is crucial to the success of the mission. Carefully tend to the needs of your colonists by supplying food, healthcare, and shelter. But don’t forget, the survival of many may require the deaths of the few. Sacrifices are an inevitable imperative.

Sphere – Flying Cities will make its debut on Steam via Early Access later this year. Learn more and add the game to your wishlist here.

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