Evil Gets It’s Own Trailer For Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game has a new trailer!
Evil Dead

After a series of delays, developer Saber Interactive has been steadily releasing new information on their upcoming Evil Dead: The Game, game. Set for a May 13th, 2022 release date, the latest foray into the Evil Dead universe takes the form of an asymmetrical survival action horror game, a genre that has been popular in recent years. If you’ve played, or seen, games like Dead by Daylight or Friday The 13th, then you will know what to expect as four players duke it out against abominable undead forces while a fifth player gets to hunt them down with all the powers of evil at their disposal.

The game’s latest trailer is a showcase highlight for why you would want to join the dark side and play as the Kandarian demon that has made series hero Ash’s life a literal hell for years. While the heroes will get to slay Deadites using a variety of weapons such as shotguns and chainsaws, the Kandarian demon will be able to control the Deadite hordes, possess other players and set traps across the environment, one trap of which will make fans of Army of Darkness rather happy.

If you’re not keen on playing with others but still need a fix of Evil Dead gaming, Saber Interactive have said that there is a solo mode where bots will take the place of other players. If that’s not enough, a set of side missions designed for solo players exists as well.

Fans of the franchise will be happy knowing that the game draws its inspiration from across the Evil Dead universe, including Army of Darkness and the Ash Vs. Evil Dead television series. And with Bruce Campbell returning to voice Ash and Evil Ash, there’s plenty of reasons for fans to get excited.

Evil Dead: The Game launches on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch and PC on May 13th, 2022.

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