Samsung Galaxy Book let’s the (NVIDIA) Cat out of the Bag

Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey announced along with latest NVIDIA RTX GPUs

NVIDIA’s 3050 and 3050Ti GPUs Announced at Galaxy Unpacked Event

Samsung held its third Unpacked event today and we’re only just coming to the end of April 2021. The event was held to launch a series of new products but of particular importance to gamers is the launch of the Galaxy Book Odyssey.

The 2021 model is a refresh but has not really been seen outside of Asia as Samsung is not known in the west for their gaming notebooks. The slick notebook looks more suited to a boardroom than a gamer’s desk. The Mystic Black colour scheme hardly screams “GAMER!” and the bespoke logo on the lid is a curious addition as it is not recognisable as a Samsung logo or as something gamer-centric. It’s an odd belt buckle-looking thing and I am not sure exactly what it is meant to convey really.

Specs wise the notebook can be customised with some decent hardware to power your undercover gaming sessions. The panel throwing those graphics into your eyeballs is reported to be a 1080p panel, but there was no detail on refresh rate. Despite that I would be surprised if this wasn’t at least a 120Hz panel though given the power supply likely to be powering the GPU.

Speaking of which the as yet to be announced by the manufacturer GPU is a user choice between a RTX3050 and RTX3050Ti. This is the first real confirmation we have of the existence of this SKU after ASUS leaked it via their website in March. This GPU is not going to give you all that ray tracing goodness that the cool kids with RTX 3070 and above GPUs have, but it will likely give you more frames than your puny biological eyes can handle that’s for sure.

The laptop will allow you to add up to 32GB of RAM and pair that with your choice of Intel’s 11th gen Core i5 and i7 CPUs. It is a little disappointing that AMDs excellent Ryzen CPUs have not been mentioned but maybe they are holding that back for a mid year refresh.

Given these specs as well as the relatively low power charger, rated at 135W, this laptop is definitely aimed at those dipping their toes into mobile PC gaming or rather gamers more likely to play e-sports focused titles like Rocket League or less demanding ones like Fortnite. Unfortunately the price on this laptop is not what I would consider entry level given that it starts at $1 399. Add more RAM and and a more powerful CPU and that price is likely to increase substantially. Despite that when the RTX3050 and RTX3050Ti cards are actually announced and released your best chance of experiencing its performance is likely greater if you try and buy this instead of the desktop versions which will sell out immediately (Thank the global supply chain shortage for that one).

The full video can be viewed below with the Galaxy Book Odyssey announcement at the 32:57 time stamp.

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