War Mongrels releases on PC in October 2021

War Mongrels is set for release in October 2021. Check out its latest trailer right here
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Watch as Deserters Become Heroes in this WWII Real Time Tactics Game

War Mongrels Is the newest Real Time Tactics game that starts with you controlling two German defectors horrified and sickened by their, and their comrades, actions in WWII. It starts off as two men just trying to survive but as they journey through the devastated lands of the war they come to realise that war is hell and that they have a duty to try and help the conquered.

Transformed from deserters to guerilla fighters, these two will journey across the Eastern Front fighting for their new found cause while finding new allies to join them in an effort to hasten Germany’s defeat. The game will feature:

  • Creative gameplay – sneaking, distraction, silent takedowns and interacting with the environment are just some of the tactics players will have to hand to complete levels.
  • Join forces – experience the gripping story with a friend through online multiplayer!
  • Replayability – try the variety of tactics that can be used to complete each mission 
  • Immersive Story – plunge into this historically accurate narrative with dates, locations, weapons and in-game articles that explore the darkness of war

The second trailer gives you a hint of this journey, but the gameplay showcases the two main characters unique playstyles, with one being the tank able to soak some damage while using brute strength to accomplish his goals. The other is your stealthy player, striking from the shadows before melting away. For fans of Desperadoes III and Shadow Tactics, this game looks like something else to sink your teeth into for days of immersive, tactical fun.

War Mongrels releases on 19 October 2021 on PC with versions for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles listed in the trailer.

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