Hands-on with side-scroller Moo Lander

We got to try out an amoozing game and give our thoughts on it. Check out our Moo Lander preview right here
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Moo Lander first and foremost looks absolutely gorgeous. The Sixth Hammer have really crafted such a gorgeous 2D world with so many vibrant creatures, plants and more. Players who load up Moo Lander will be awestruck at just how beautiful this game looks. 

The Moo Lander preview demo takes place in the game’s first chapter. You get to take on the role of an unknown alien spacecraft pilot and you set forth on your adventure to capture a Cow and replenish your planet’s milk supplies. 

Players will have to dodge environmental hazards and fight off enemies that want to destroy them. It’s fairly straightforward puzzle side-scrolling except you’re in a spacecraft and you’re able to wield a range of weapons and have other milk powered abilities too.

Moo Lander draws you in with it’s narrative. Players will listen to banter between the spacecraft pilot and his computer companion Hamilton. The voice lines are well acted and you get to learn more about the world of Moo Lander in the process. It’s great and the full game will most likely have a lot more to offer with regards to story and lore.

As you explore the game’s world, you’ll come across puzzles which need to be solved. These can be fairly straightforward such as simply pushing a rock into place to open a door or involve more active dodging of enemy grabby hands and projectile attacks. Moo Lander seems to balance this quite well with action packed sequences and puzzle solving being intertwined in its level design. 

Players will be able to upgrade their ship as they explore and find pieces of it that have been lost. These pieces restore your ship’s abilities and allow you to do more things such as boost or drop bombs. The upgrade tree also allows you to unlock new weapons and more. The full game will obviously have a lot more available and we cannot wait to see what else is available.

Wielding the milksword and slicing through thorny vines and plant enemies was really fun in the demo although some enemies seemed to be quite “Bullet Spongey”. The final boss of the demo also seemed to be quite a challenge to defeat since it would simply fire off a soundwave which would deflect the bombs being dropped onto it. Since Moo Lander is currently in development, we’re hoping that The Sixth Hammer will be able to address these issues with some more playtesting and user feedback.

Moo Lander’s demo is currently available on Steam so if you’re interested in this title, be sure to give it a go. It was quite a lot of fun for us and we’re glad that we were given early access to it. We’re hoping this game succeeds when it finally launches since we could always do with more 2D side-scrolling action puzzle games.  

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