Nacon Revolution X Camo and Colorlight Gamepads for Xbox and PC are now available

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NACON has introduced two new wired controllers – currently available in North America before coming to other markets. Officially licensed for Xbox and compatible with PC, both deliver lightning-fast responsiveness and comprehensive customization features. The Revolution X Camo offers over 50 physical and software customizable options, while the Colorlight provides gamers with over a quintillion color options through 6 LEDs.


Featuring a low latency design, a 3.5mm headphone jack for game audio and chat and a durable 3-meter braided USB cable, the Colorlight gamepad is marketed as the ideal controller for competitive gamers looking for a precision gaming experience. The customization extends to thumbstick sensitivity and adjustable trigger dead zones through a dedicated app on the Microsoft Store.

Colorlight Wired Gamepad features:
Officially Licensed for Xbox – Customizable LED controller licensed for Xbox and compatible with PC.
• Customizable Colors – 6 LEDs with 25 color variations, 4 lighting effects and 3 scrolling speeds allow for over a quintillion customization combinations.
• Dedicated App – Map buttons, set thumbstick sensitivity and adjust trigger dead zones with the dedicated app available on the Microsoft Store.
• Game Chat – 3.5mm headphone jack for audio and chat functionality (headset not included).
• Low Latency Design – Wired to reduce latency and give you split-second reaction speeds.
• Built to Last – Durable and flexible 3-meter braided USB cable included.


Designed for Xbox and PC, the Revolution X Camo controller is built for competitive gamers looking for the ultimate in customization. Also featuring a dedicated app on the Microsoft Store for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11, the Revolution X provides near-limitless customization options. Gamers can map buttons, set thumbstick sensitivity, trigger dead zones, and much more.

Revolution X Camo features:
Competition-grade wired controller for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One
• Pro Customization: Map buttons, set thumbstick sensitivity, set trigger dead zones and much more with the dedicated Revolution X app that allows pro customization options. Switch between concave and convex thumbsticks plus thumbstick shaft sizes allowing you to customize your play style.
• Low latency, greater accuracy: Wired to reduce latency, allowing for faster reaction times and greater accuracy. Four programmable rear panel triggers provide an extra level of control.
• Special Field Camo colorway: Cloaked in a Forest Camo design to complete your tactical gaming setup.
• Durable: Long 9.8FT/3M nylon braided cable that is highly durable and ultra-flexible.
• Game Chat: 3.5 mm headphone jack for game audio and chat functionality (headphones not included)
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