Bonsai Collective Announces Bullet-Hell FPS, Luna Abyss

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Remote development studio Bonsai Collective have just announced their upcoming game, Luna Abyss. The studio’s debut project, Luna Abyss is a deep story-driven experience of captivating mystery and will be coming to PC and consoles, and reportedly quite soon. Check out the announcement trailer below:

Players will be equipped with an arsenal of weapons and advanced mobility and traversal mechanics as they head into the depths of an unnatural space beneath a fallen colony. There, they will face the secrets, horrors and revelations of the Abyss. The adventure will tell the story of a convict that has been sentenced to explore a derelict megastructure deep beneath the surface of an alien moon. Wow, tough break.

“Luna Abyss takes place on a moon that used to house a prosperous colony of the New British Empire, but is now wiped out and sealed following a mysterious event known as the Scourge,” says Benni Hill, Creative Director at Bonsai Collective. “In the prison atop the Abyss, your one companion is Aylin, an artificial prison sentry watching your every move. She sends convicts deep below for reconnaissance, extraction, and investigation of the collapse. We can’t wait to see what players make of this mysterious world.”

Whether or not Aylin is actually invested in your survival is yet to be determined, but more should be revealed as you venture further into the megastructure.

As you explore the Luna, you will be challenged by alien terrain, the twisted cosmic horrors that inhabit it, and of course, the revelations nestling in its depth. Overcoming these challenges will involve split-second decision-making using a combo of traversal abilities and weapons.

Luna Abyss is currently in development for PC and console. You can wishlist and follow the development of Luna Abyss on Steam.

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