The Oceans Harbour Horror With Beneath

Camel 101 are taking terror back to the ocean depths with their upcoming Lovecraftian survival-horror FPS – Beneath.
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Set in one of the most inhospitable environments you can find on planet Earth, inimical to human life, you take on the role of veteran deep-sea diver Noah Quinn in Beneath. He’s plunged into a realm of horror after a disaster leaves him stranded in an unknown, mysterious scientific research complex at the bottom of the ocean.

It seems man has dared venture where man was never meant to in the pursuit of knowledge, and is now paying the price. As Noah’s mental state deteriorates, he has to find a way to escape the deteriorating complex while avoiding the aquactic-themed monstrosities that now roam its halls.

Beneath aims to provide both a traditional survival-horror experience, mixed with thrilling first-person combat and audiovisual spectacle. As such, it will require you to use your wits as much as your trigger finger to survive.

Resources in the game will be scarce, especially on the ammunition front, so you will have to pick and choose your battles. It seems that your sanity will also be under assault by the otherworldly monstrosities you will encounter as well. Coupled with a dynamic, tactical combat system, players will have to play smart against adaptive enemy AI in a destructible environment. Finally, players will be able to explore the complex within and without thanks to a deep-sea diving suit. What horrors lurk on the ocean floor will be yours to discover…

Beneath Shotgun Time

Based on what little has been shown of the game in action, perhaps Beneath will provide a first-person alternative that might appeal to any retro fans of 1998’s Deep Fear or 2005’s Cold Fear – both more traditional third-person survival-horror games in the Resident Evil mold.

At the moment, Beneath has no release date but the game will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series machines, and PC.

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