Get Ready to Rampage with the New Xbox GamePass Games May 2021

Check out what’s been added to Xbox GamePass May 2021
Xbox GamePass May 2021

Xbox GamePass really is the gift that keeps on giving and as Microsoft keeps flexing that bank account, more and more developers and publishers are putting their games onto it.

In addition the previously announced Conan Exiles, it was announced last night that fourteen games would be joining GamePass on Console, PC and Cloud, but that some are “exclusive” to one platform or another like Joyride Turbo only releasing on Cloud and Slime Rancher on Console.

However, that’s not all. Of the fifteen games, one of the star picks has to be MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries the recent revival of the venerable mech combat game coming to the Xbox series of consoles. The game is a fun mech combat sim, that doesn’t quite hit the heights of MechWarrior 4 but is still a game worth trying out. Formerly PC only and then controversially timed exclusive to the Epic Games Store, console fans can finally control these behemoths from their couches on 27 May 2021.

Next up is Solasta Crown of the Magister a PC only CRPG that uses a modified version of the official D&D 5E ruleset otherwise known as the SRD 5.1 ruleset. This is an open source ruleset that Wizards of the Coast published that allows anyone to create their own campaigns based on 5E. The game has been in Early Access since December and if you enjoy games like Divinity then you are sure to enjoy this.

The biggest game, though, has to be Maneater. Play as newly hatched shark and maraud your way up the food chain as you aim to take the crown of scariest shark away from Jaws. If you succeed you will eventually terrorise whole towns and communities as everyone cries out for a bigger boat.

You can check out the full list of games at the Xbox wire blog post.

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