Check Out Returnals State of Play Gameplay Trailer

Check out Returnal’s latest State of Play trailer right here

Developer Housemarque is bringing their own touch to the Souls-like, Rogue-like genre with their upcoming PS5 exclusive title, Returnal. With only eleven days left till launch – Returnal will test your skills on the 30th of April 2021 – Housemarque has just released a State of Gameplay trailer for the game that looks nothing short of stunning.

Taking on the role of Selene, players will have to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the planet Atropos, fighting off a variety of alien lifeforms. The further Selene goes, the more she will uncover both about the world and her memories and, possibly, how the two are linked together. And if she survives, she may just yet break out of this Groundhog Day style loop that she’s stuck in.

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Returnal is, then you’d best remove said rock and check this game out. Returnal seems to be a “schmup” with fast paced gunplay and combat that looks set to test your twitch action skills along with all those dodging skills that Souls games have burned into your memory. Add in a mysterious alien planet, death that changes up the world around you when you peg it, and a distinct dose of cosmic horror to the proceedings and you have something truly unique to look forward to.

If you’re just looking to see the game in action, there’s a shorter combat trailer below.

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