The Medium Is Out Now On PS5

Bloober Teams horror game, The Medium, is out now on PS5. Originally the game was released on Xbox Series and PC in January 2021 and now the PS5 version is available as you’re reading this.

 The Medium places you in the shoes of Marianne, who has the ability to travel into the spirit world. The Medium features a dual world gameplay system, splitting the screen in two as you control Marianne in both the real world and the spirit world at the same time which helps to solve puzzles in both worlds. Explore the abandoned Niwa’s Workers Resort in Poland as you seek answers to your abilities origins as well as the tragedy that struck the resort years before.

Featuring ray traced visuals and reflections, the PS5 version of the game uses Sony’s Dual Sense functions, promising a more interactive experience as you travel between worlds for your answers.

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