Watch Hogwarts Legacy’s Latest Deep Dive Showcase

There’s more to Hogwarts than school!

With just under 2 months to go, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Avalanche Software are giving players far more detail on what to expect from the hugely anticipated Hogwarts Legacy.

With their second gameplay showcase, the developers provide a 30-minute plus dive into what players can expect beyond Hogwarts’ hallowed halls, and more of what they can expect within.

A highlight of this new showcase is world traversal. Players can fly around on their trusty broomsticks – sorry Quidditch fans, this still isn’t going to be happening – or on the back of a Hippogriff. Both methods look fantastic, though broom flight allows you to skim the ground easier before soaring into the skies above.

The developers have also fleshed out the world surrounding Hogwarts so you won’t just be flying around large, empty countryside. There will be different biomes to explore, along with different levels of challenges to engage in. The world will be full of sidequests and tasks that provide experience to upgrade your character, along with a day/night cycle and the changing of the seasons to indicate the passage of time throughout the school year.

There was also a brief look at the Dark Arts Battle Arena, which will be a part of the Deluxe and Digital Deluxe Editions of the game. Base game owners will still be able to purchase it separately.

Finally, there was a short segment looking at the Room of Requirements, which is basically your base in Hogwarts that you can customise with props and switch up the architecture to better suit your tastes.

Hogwarts Legacy will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series machines, and PC on February 10th, 2023. In an effort to provide the best experience across all platforms, last-gen versions (PS4 and Xbox One) will be launching on April 4th, while the Nintendo Switch version of the game will be launching on July 25th.

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