Infernax gets a February 2022 Release Date

Gory side-scroller action adventure game Infernax gets a release date and new trailer ahead of its release

February 14th, a day synonymous with love in all its forms and known to everyone around the world as Valentine’s Day, is also the day gamers can expect to add some gory challenge to counterbalance the love in the air with Infernax.

Infernax, Berzerk Studio’s side scrolling action platform adventure game will be releasing on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series machines on February 14th, 2022.

Billed as an open world action adventure RPG, Infernax throws players into the shoes of famed knight, Alcedor. Returning to his homeland after a lengthy journey, Alcedor finds an unholy magic has spread across the land filling it with all manner of grotesque beasts. With his shield and trusty mace, Alcedor takes it upon himself to pummel the evil into submission.

Taking its inspiration from the games that helped to define the developers childhood, Infernax is very clearly inspired by the likes of Castlevania but with an open world design style. The game will feature a levelling system with gold and experience letting you pick up new weapons and skills to suite your playstyle. Across the adventure you will have to make choices that will determine which of the games endings you’re going to see. The developers are teasing a difficult world for you to explore full of bloodsthirsty monsters, challenging dungeons and plenty of boss battles. Oh, and gore too. There will be plenty of gore. Perfect for a Valentines Day right?

You can check out the games initial announcement trailer and the newer date reveal trailer below.

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