Watch the DEATHLOOP “Down the Rabbit Hole” trailer

Deathloop’s “Down the Rabbit Hole” official story trailer drops just 4-days before launch.

Yesterday, Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios used the PlayStation State of Play event to reveal a new trailer for DEATHLOOP. Arkane has been tightlipped about the narrative in DEATHLOOP, despite numerous blogs, interviews, and trailers covering the setting and gameplay mechanics in depth. Now, 4-days before launch, we’ve finally received the official story trailer.

When was Blackreef created? What is the AEON project? Who are the Visionaries that lead it? How does the timeloop work? Why is Julianna hellbent on killing Colt and demanding he remembers why he is there? It’s clear that Colt is going to be just as confused as the player at first, desperately wanting to know who he is (or was), and how to escape the loop.

This fresh trailer delves into those questions but, ultimately, provides few answers. It leaves this narrative mystery a major hook for new players, and a convoluted narrative is something Arkane has always done well. On the upside, the new trailer once again highlights DEATHLOOP’s fantastic aesthetic, the powers and weapons at Colt’s disposal, and the fun you can have dispatching your foes.


So far, it’s looking excellent and stylish, as you might expect from an Arkane game. That said, I’m waiting to see how it plays, seeing as Arkane has stressed it’s not a roguelike. How will their impressive world-building skills work in a game that involves repeatedly visiting the same locations? Is it more of a first-person shooter than an immersive sim?

Is there a morality system behind the scenes that’ll result in different endings based on your actions? Will we still be able to scour every part of every level at our own pace if we want? Will the concept of a daily loop force players inter a quicker and more aggressive playstyle? So many questions that need answering here.

We won’t have to wait long to find out though since DEATHLOOP launches on 14 September 2021, on PC and as a timed console exclusive for PlayStation 5.

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