Violent Metroidvania Cookie Cutter launches on December 14th

Love, Death, and Androids?

What’s love got to do with it? Absolutely everything in the newest Metroidvania to hit the block. Developed by Subcult Joint and published by Rogue Games, Cookie Cutter is a violent, hand-drawn 2D Metroidvania that drops you into the shoes of “Cherry” – an android on a mission to find her creator and girlfriend Dr. Shinji Fallon.

Featuring graphic and over-the-top violence, Cookie Cutter will throw you into “The Megastructure”, a world built on the backs of androids, to face off against the forces of the “INFONET”. Armed with your trusty chainsaw and an expanding arsenal of skills, Cherry must navigate the massive Megastructure in traditional Metroidvania fashion, facing off against massive bosses and bizarre enemies in a quest for revenge. Oh, and love.

Get ready to drop into Cookie Cutter‘s massive dystopian world for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X machines, and PC on December 14th, 2023.

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