Savant: Ascent Anniversary Edition Announced

D-Pad Studio, the developers behind Owlboy, are revisiting their debut videogame, Savant: Ascent with a remastered, enhanced version of the title; Savant: Ascent Anniversary Edition, scheduled for release on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Mobile for the games 10th Anniversary.

Described as a platforming shoot-em-up, in Savant, you take on the role of the Alchemist, who has been cast from his tower by an unknown force. Your job is to make it to the top of the tower and reclaim your home. However you’re limited to moving between two ascending platforms only, be they debris or elevators. Using an arsenal of magic missiles combined with precision jumps and dashes, you’re going to have to take out the various enemies out to stop you.

The remastered version of Savant will feature some gorgeous 2D visuals, along with a variety of new stages, new bosses, new power-ups, remade cutscenes, an improved survival mode featuring hordes of new enemies and bosses and, finally, an entirely new, original soundtrack composed by Norwegian musician Savant.

No release date has been announced yet for Savant: Ascent Anniversary Edition, but it is expected to be released in the summer.

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