Nvidia’s Magical Noise Cancelling Tech is Now Available on All Nvidia GPUs

NVidia has made noise cancelling tech available to owners of all Nvidia GPUs and not just RTX GPUs.

When Nvidia released RTX Voice last year it resulted in many, many videos on YouTube of amazed tech nerds gushing over the tech while running leaf blowers and vacuums in the background to test the claims. The tech proved to be as amazing as Nvidia claimed, cancelling out nearly anything and everything extraneous.

At the time Nvidia claimed that the AI driven tech was only possible due to the Tensor cores available on the RTX 20 series GPUs, however it did not take hardware hackers long to get the technology working on older GPUs. Nvidia didn’t comment at the time and still has not, but as Tom’s Hardware recently discovered Nvidia quietly unlocked the tech on older cards, going as far back as the GTX 600 series cards when they looked into driver version 410.18. So as long as you have updated your drivers in the last couple of months, the latest version being 465.89, you should be good to go.

The Voice app is not included in GeForce experience so you will have to download it which can be done here. If you are lucky enough to have an RTX 20 or 30 series card, you are probably better off using RTX Broadcast which is the successor app that integrates Nvidia’s webcam app, another piece of wondrous technology that Nvidia is bundling into their GPUs.

Do note that the older your card the greater the likelihood of your system taking a performance hit so if every FPS matters to you then this app may not be worth it if you intend to use it while you stream or record gameplay with commentary. However, if you are working from home and have barking dogs, loud kids, and other domestic noises making it difficult for your colleagues to hear you, this app may just be what you need to get some work done.

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