Layers of Fear 2 sails onto Nintendo Switch May 2021

Experience oceanbound horror Layers of Fear 2 on Nintendo Switch this May.

Bloober Team’s sequel to their trippy art orientated psychological and supernatural horror, Layers of Fear, first had its sequel launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC back in 2019. The game traded an abandoned mansion and classical surrealist art for an ocean liner and classic movies. And what’s more claustrophobic and terrifying than the close-packed halls of a ship with only the ocean and a watery grave to consider?

Now Bloober Team are bringing that claustrophobic and terrifying experience to Nintendo Switch on May 20th 2021 via the e-shop. Prospective players should fear not as Layers of Fear 2 presents its own story and therefore you won’t have to have played the first one to enjoy this.

Narrated by genre stalwart, Tony Todd, players will be placed in the shoes of an actor who may have just gotten the role of his lifetime. Hired by a mysterious director to take the leading role in a movie to be shot at sea, you’ll have to explore the haunted hallways of the ship while escaping monsters, solving puzzles and making choices that can affect the outcome of your story. Expect impossible scenarios and an environment that warps around you as try to figure out just who you are and what part it is that you’re expected to play. Fame and fortune await if you can make it out alive to see the premiere.

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