Battlefield 2042 gets a reveal trailer and release date

After months of rumours and weeks of leaks, Battlefield 2042 is formally announced.

We’ve had several leaks over the last few weeks but now EA and DICE have finally revealed the upcoming Battlefield 2042 with a suitably bonkers trailer and an October 22 2021 release date. Confirming the near-future setting – 100-years on from their first title Battlefield 1942 – we see specialised infantry units and high-tech war machines like all-terrain APCs, combat aircraft, and what looks like a militarised version of the Boston Dynamics dog robot (and I’d be interested to hear their opinion if they weren’t consulted). 

As with all trailers for futuristic multiplayer-focused shooters, it’s utterly unrepresentative of actual modern or near-future warfare, with well-equipped soldiers duking it out in close-range, high-casualty gunfights better suited to WW1, while supersonic aircraft engage at ridiculously low altitudes, not unlike WW2 dogfights. That said, the massive 128-player battles – with vehicles, destructible terrain, and extreme weather – will no doubt please fans given the series’ strong focus on class-based skills and mixed-range engagements. 

For fans of the series, the classic 64 vs. 64 Conquest and Breakthrough modes return, while a more intense “Hazard Mode” has been teased. There’s also one “redacted” mode teased, which is apparently not a battle royale, but I’ll believe that when I see it. Otherwise, it looks like Battlefield 2042 will take the “Battle Pass” approach to monetising the game after launch to avoid splitting the player base. 

Despite lacking a single-player campaign – which I’ve always enjoyed despite them not being the highlight for most players – there’s a surprising amount of lore for the state of the world in which the game takes place. It’s a future devastated by climate change, a technological collapse, and a displaced population of Non-Patriated (No-Pats) ending up as proxies for a new war between the US and Russia. 

Battlefield 2042 also remains a cross-generation project and will launch on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation4, and PlayStation5 consoles, along with PC (Steam, Origin, and Epic Games store).

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