Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition Hits Consoles

Action-platformer Flat Kingdom, is making its way to consoles!

Fat Panda Games, in collaboration with Ratalaika Games, are bringing their action platformer, Flat Kingdom, to consoles with the Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition. Flat Kingdom was originally released on PC back in 2016. The game is currently available on PS4, PS5 and Xbox One with the Xbox Series machines and Nintendo Switch versions set for release on April 1st, 2022.

Set in the world of Flat Kingdom, Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition details the adventures of our 2D protagonist, Flat. Once the world was beset by the chaos that is the third dimension. To save the kingdom, a wise sorcerer created six jewels to keep the chaos at bay. Now a thief has stolen one of the jewels, plunging the land back into chaos as the third dimension invades and threatens to change the world from 2D to 3D. Oh, and the thief has kidnapped the princess too!

As Flat, you will have to rescue the princess and retrieve the gem using your unique shape changing abilities. Utilising a rock-papers-scissor style of play, Flat can change into a square, a circle and a triangle, each of which has their own special abilities that you will use in combat, platforming and puzzle solving. Each shape has a strength or weakness to another shape, such as circles been weak to triangles while square, for instance, is heavy and can be used to break through floors.

The game uses a papercraft visual style, similar to the Paper Mario games and will feature giant bosses, character upgrades, sidequests and hidden areas to discover more of the world’s lore and its secrets. The game also features a score composed by legendary composer, Manami Matsumae.

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