Within the Blade Assassinates its way to Consoles in July 2021

Within the Blade is heading for release next month
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Ametist Studio and Ratalaika Games are bringing their stealth-action platformer, Within The Blade, to consoles in July. Scheduled to release on the 16th of July 2021, Within The Blade will be pouncing onto Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5 and Switch.

With Japan thrown into chaos because of occult and demonic intervention, it’s up to one lone ninja to save the day and assassinate the possessed Daimyo that caused it all. That’s the setup for this 2D stealth platformer that will take you through twenty-five levels of quick platforming and bloody combat with a smattering of RPG elements. Featuring detailed pixel art, gory kills and plenty of weapons to use, Within The Blade will also feature unique bosses to kill and additional objectives in each level that, when completed, will net you XP and money.

Within The Blade will also feature a “Hub” level in which you can take a break from all the action after a level to do some shopping for items, weapons and to learn new skills, along with managing your inventory and picking up new tasks to perform.

You will also be able to craft more weapons such as shurikens, grenades and poisons. Within The Blade also features a random level generation system which should help to keep things fresh on each playthrough.

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