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Developer Render Cube and publisher Toplitz Productions have released Medieval Dynasty onto Steam a while ago and have just recently updated it to feature a brand new Co-Op mode. Does it live up to its expectations and is it worth checking out?

Self-describing itself as follows: “Hunt, survive, build and lead in the harsh Middle Ages: Create your own Medieval Dynasty and ensure its long-lasting prosperity or die trying! Play alone or team up with friends to enjoy the ultimate medieval experience.”

Medieval Dynasty truly does live up to its claims since there’s a lot on offer here.

Players will take on the role of a villager in a Medieval village and it’s up to you to forge your own path forward and create a dynasty. You can play in either First- or Third-person view and there’s a tonne of content available. In fact, the sheer amount of things you can do in Medieval Dynasty might be overwhelming at first. The learning curve for this game is quite intense but once you get going, you’ll be having the time of your life.

After initially creating your character from a range of preset choices and some minor tweaks, you’ll wake up in a village and go through a brief tutorial session of objectives. After this is complete it’s up to you to do whatever it is you want to do to grow your village. You can craft new buildings, go out hunting for animals and gather resources.

It’s all pretty formulaic at this point and not something we haven’t seen before but the joy in Medieval Dynasty lies with the fact that the game is incredibly relaxing to play. It’s definitely aimed at a more casual gaming market that want to just chill out and build something while doing some casual exploration and resource gathering. If you enjoyed games like Valheim or Banished, Medieval Dynasty will appeal to you.

There’s also aspects of city-building and micromanagement here which will appeal to players who want something a bit deeper than what other survival crafting games have offered over the years. You can get into a relationship with a character, get married and even have kids to carry on your dynasty.

Render Cube are also still actively working on the game and have recently updated it to include a Co-Op mode which makes it a heck of a lot more fun. Loading up the game with a friend makes the core gameplay loop a lot more enjoyable since you’ll have a pal with you on your journey to create a rural medieval village and this helps take a lot tedium out of doing the more mundane tasks by yourself.

The basis of a great game is already here. The crafting mechanics, survival mechanics, exploration and hunting mechanics and even the skill tree are all in place and with future updates and patches still planned, this is a game to keep your eye on. If you want a game to just relax and enjoy without too much pressure being put on you, you can also enable a bunch of gameplay settings that will make playing the game a lot easier. This is great for less hardcore gamers who want to just enjoy farming or crafting without additional stress from some of the gameplay mechanics available.

Do be weary of the steep learning curve and the time investment necessary to really get going with Medieval Dynasty though. This game will soak up a lot of your time as you learn its ins and outs.

A Preview code for Medieval Dynasty was provided to Gameblur by the Publisher

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