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Instruments of Destruction from Radiangames is an extremely satisfying demolition themed game. The game, which features literal tonnes of destruction, is based entirely on having fun by using vehicles that are either pre-built or built by yourself, to wreak havoc on small island environments.

Using advanced physics, players will use their vehicles to complete objectives across a series of islands in the game’s campaign. Alternatively, players can load up a sandbox mode which lets you cause massive damage to things by giving you far more control over the destructible world, with all limits removed.

The main premise behind Instruments of Destruction is the game’s vehicular mayhem and attention to detail. Featuring a world that looks downright gorgeous, Instruments of Destruction is a joy to play. Taking your freshly made bulldozer and smashing it into a building – as an example – is incredibly satisfying and cathartic. The game’s physics and flashy graphics, especially when it comes to explosions, ensures it always looks ridiculously good. If you’re a fan of destroying stuff, this is a game for you.

Once you’ve got over the initial thrill of destroying intricate environments, additional joy comes from creating increasingly complex vehicles and using them to cause massive damage to even bigger targets (and more efficiently). The game features a range of difficulties and it is quite challenging to get 3-star scores on each island as you try to complete both primary objectives and bonus objectives. 

Gamers who enjoy creating their own vehicles will easily sink hours and hours into Instruments of Destruction. Building your vehicle using a set of pre-existing parts is easy once you know how to do it. The learning curve is slightly steep at first but once you get used to putting together joints, frame pieces, wheels, treads and more, it becomes quite easy to build amazingly powerful vehicles. Ever wanted to make a crane death machine with a giant saw blade? Now’s your chance to do it. There’s also Steam Workshop support so users can upload and download new vehicle designs to try out in-game.

Instruments of Destruction is still in Early Access and as such, the game does need a lot of work before it finally releases in full. For example, trying to run the game on anything higher than Medium settings would instantly drop the frame rate on our test bench. The game maxed out our GPU usage (an AMD Radeon RX 590) with a barely playable frame rate (Around 20-27 FPS) and the Steam Discussion forum has numerous posts mentioning issues with performance across multiple hardware configurations. Some more optimization and refinements are therefore needed but, given this is still quite an early build, we’re hoping this will be ironed out long before the final release is ready.

If you’re in the market for an Early Access game with a lot of potential, Instruments of Destruction is well worth checking out. You can find the game over here on Steam and, for its current asking price, it’s definitely recommended by us at gameblur.

An Early Access code was provided to gameblur by the publisher.

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