New Aragami 2 Video Showcases Strategic Combat and Stealth Enhancements

Take a deep dive into Aragami 2’s gameplay!
New Aragami 2 Video Showcases Strategic Combat and Stealth Enhancements

Previously, we’ve only seen little glimpses of Lince Works’ Aragami 2. However, in a new video, we get to take a deeper dive into the next entry in this stealth-action franchise.

The new developer walkthrough showcases the all-new combat system, which has been built from the ground up for Aragami 2, and enhancements to the stealth gameplay established in the original game

Check out the developer walkthrough below:

Aragami 2 will take the community and experience of the first title to new levels. Stealth is the foundation of the Aragami experience and, now, players have increased mobility so that they can manoeuvre more quickly from shadow to shadow.

Also, when attempting to be stealthy fails, players are no longer helpless. Inspired by some of the best action games around, Aragami 2 employs skill-based combat where players must strategically engage their enemies. Aragami are brilliant assassins who are as powerful as gods when stalking from the shadows, however, when facing their enemies head-on, they are vulnerable. Knowing when to strike, defend, or dodge will be the key to survival, and this developer walkthrough gives players a chance to see all of this in action.

Here are some of the features in Aragami 2:

  • A full campaign that can be completed solo or with up to 3 players in co-op
  • Weapon and armor customisation
  • A wide variety of abilities, shadow powers, and special equipment
  • Much more will be revealed very soon…

Aragami 2 is set to launch on September 17, 2021, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

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