How to Fix the iPhone Not Enough Storage Error

Deal with storage issues on your iPhone with our list of tips
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If you’re an iPhone user, you’re probably already familiar with it – Storage issues are one of the biggest headaches of owning this device. As technology continues to advance rapidly, and we demand more from our brands than ever before in terms of functionality, speed, and capacity, the issue of not having enough room on our iPhones becomes all too common.

But don’t worry; we’re here to help you overcome your storage woes in no time – so let’s get started quickly so that you can get back to taking photos, sending messages, and downloading apps without fear of running out of space again.

iPhone Storage Solutions: What to Do When You’re Running Out of Space

When you’re running out of space on your iPhone, you can do a few things to free up some storage. You can delete old apps and files or upgrade your storage capacity. You can look for external storage drive suggestions for your iPhone here.

If you’re running low on storage, you should delete any old apps or files you no longer need. Apps take up a lot of space, so deleting unused apps can free up more room. You can also delete old text messages, photos, and videos.

No matter what option you choose, freeing up some space on your iPhone can help when running out of room.

Delete Unused Apps and Photos

iOS devices are notorious for being storage hogs. A quick way to free up space on your device is to delete unused apps and photos.

To delete an app, hold down on the app icon until all the icons start wiggling. Then tap the X in the top left corner of the app you want to delete. You can always reinstall the app from the App Store if you change your mind.

To delete a photo, swipe left on the photo you want to delete and then tap Delete. You can also select multiple photos by tapping Select and selecting the photos you want to delete.

Manage Your iCloud Storage

iCloud is a cloud storage service offered by Apple. It allows users to store photos, videos, documents, and other files in the cloud. iCloud also provides several other features, such as a backup and restore device finder and family sharing. There are other cloud storage services for Apple as well.

One of the great things about iCloud is that it provides a lot of storage space for free. However, even with all that space available, running out of room is still possible if you’re not careful. Here are some tips for managing your iCloud storage:

  • Use photo compression to reduce the size of your photo files.
  • Optimize your iCloud settings to ensure that only the files you need are stored in the cloud.
  • Use alternate storage solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox to store your larger files.
  • Be mindful of the amount of data you upload to iCloud. If you don’t need it on your device, don’t sync it to iCloud.

Use External Storage Solutions

External hard drives are an excellent solution for those who need a lot of storage space. They can hold a lot of data, and they’re relatively affordable. Plus, they’re easy to use – you plug them into your computer, and you’re good to go. However, they can be bulky and cumbersome to carry around, and they can also be difficult to store when not in use.

The best storage solution is the one that works best for you. If you need a lot of storage space and don’t mind carrying around a bulky device, then an external hard drive is the best option. Cloud storage is a better choice if you need portability and convenience.

How to Fix “iPhone Says Not Enough Storage” but there is

If you’re trying to take a picture and your iPhone says “not enough storage,” but you know there’s plenty of space on your device, don’t worry—you’re not alone. This is a common issue that many people experience, and there are a few ways to fix it. This error means you are not able to store any new data such as pictures, videos, downloads, and more. You need to clear some space on your iPhone before you are able to save a new one.

The first thing you can do is check how much storage space your apps are using. Some apps take up a lot of space; if you have many, they can quickly fill up your device. Delete the apps you don’t use anymore or move them to your computer so you can still access them but they won’t take up any space on your phone.

Final Thoughts

One way or another, you will want to take action to clear up space on your iPhone. The best solution depends on how much stuff you’re willing to get rid of and whether you want to keep it all easily accessible via iCloud or not.

If neither option is an option for you, then an external storage solution might be the best. Regardless of your route, ensure that backing up your data is a priority so that nothing gets lost in the process.

  1. what do you do when you record long videos on your phone, but the apps are the problem with the storage?
    i keep coming up against this issue but no blog posts really address the questions i have. would an external hard drive work for filming these videos, does the file go straight to the hard drive, or does it still have to be on the phone storage first?
    i use all my app so cant delete any more of them, and it seems like the only option i have now is just buying another phone with bigger built in storage… but then this will happen again down the line (because apple)
    i also cannot work out if or how any cloud storage options would benefit me anyway if my storage issue is apps.
    hmu if you have any answers…

  2. Why can t i backup my iphone to icloud when it says i used 32.9 mg out of 5 gb used?

    1. I have just asked the same question Linda. I honestly wish I knew so I could tell you. You spend a lot of money on Apple and, really we are not getting what we paid for. If I find an answer, I’ll let you know. Good Luck in finding out yourself.

  3. I am very frustrated. I have used 1.9GB and have 5 GB so why on earth am I constantly being informed I have no storage? I have Googled to ask the question the same question and never get a straight answer, even on this site. I’ve removed Apps I don’t use and transferred photos onto my computer. Please, can anyone actually give me an answer to this question? I’ve bought Apple IPhones (3) and an IPad, they cost me a fortune, my family have spent a fortune too. How about someone from Apple answering the question?

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