Unknown Number: A First Person Talker (PC) Review

You’re such a smooth talker…
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Unknown Number: A First Person Talker from Godolphin Games is an extremely intriguing take on an interactive video game puzzle-solving formula. So what makes it intriguing and sets it apart from everything else you might be asking?

To answer that, watch the launch trailer below and then let’s dive right into why you should at least give this game a try.

In Unknown Number, players will take on the role of a normal person minding their own business who ends up being caught in a web of intrigue and espionage. You get caught up in all of this by simply listening to a voice message on your phone and following the instructions it tells you. The game launches you into its tale quite well and, before you know it, you’ll be helping two other people located onboard an oil rig to seek sweet climate justice and revenge upon an oil baron.

The story of Unknown Number takes quite a few twists and turns, and the game never lets up with its frantic calls, instructions, and puzzle-solving. It’s all very intense but it’s done in such a smart way that the game never feels like it’s frustratingly difficult or annoying. Even if you fail at solving a puzzle, the game nudges you towards the solution, and there are helpful tips or information that are shared to assist you too.

Gameplay in Unknown Number involves the many ways a player can use their phone to solve puzzles and problems. Whether this is navigating to a webpage to retrieve the name of an employee, to playing tic-tac-toe and unlocking a door, Unknown Number features an eclectic mix of puzzles to solve. You’ll even get to swear allegiance to a shady organization by using your own real-life voice.

Unknown Number’s story excels in multiple ways with its constant moral questioning, decision-making, and puzzle-solving. Although the gameplay is relatively simplistic – primarily involving clicking through menus on your phone or elsewhere, listening to voice calls, and speaking voice commands – it is ridiculously immersive and is unlike anything else we’ve played in a very long time. Godolphin Games have done a great job here.

The voice acting in Unknown Number is the star of the show with all the characters voiced to perfection. Everything sounds extremely believable and feels really well done throughout.

The only gripes we have with the game are the fact that there’s no option for subtitles (or any graphics settings for that matter) and you can’t type in responses and have to use a mic for most of the game. This effectively disadvantages a large number of players who don’t have access to quality microphones or who suffer from speech impediments. There are also a lot of flashing lights and imagery that may affect gamers who are photosensitive. Hopefully, Godolphin Games are able to address these issues with an accessibility patch in the future.

Overall, Unknown Number: A First Person Talker is a highly innovative out-of-the-box puzzle-solving game that relies on a stellar voice acting cast, great on-screen visuals and complete player immersion to tell a story that, while quite out there in terms of its eco-warrior content, actually seems quite plausible given the state of the world right now. Give this game a try if you can as it’s great!

A review Code for Unknown Number: A First Person Talker was provided to gameblur by the publisher.

Unknown Number: A First Person Talker (PC) Review

Unknown Number: A First Person Talker (PC) Review
8 10 0 1
Total Score
  • Story
    8/10 Very Good
  • Gameplay
    8/10 Very Good
  • Design
    7/10 Good

The Good

  • Highly innovative gameplay
  • Good storytelling

The Bad

  • No graphics or subtitles options
  • Lack of accessibility features (e.g. you can't type in responses and have to talk using a mic)
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