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We got out hands on Gigabyte’s AORUS WATERFORCE II 360 AIO cooler for a brief overview. Featuring a tonne of brand new innovative design features, the Aorus Waterforce II 360 is a stellar product that any self-respecting gamer would be glad to have in their PC.

Before diving into what exactly makes the product a great cooler, here are the technical specifications:

  • Radiator & Block

Dimensions : 394 x 119 x 27mm
Pump Dimension : 72.8 x 72.8 x 65.1mm
Radiator Material : Aluminum
Block Material : Copper

  • CPU Socket

Intel 115x,1200,1700

  • Fan

Spec : 3 x 120mm ARGB Fans
Speed : 800~2300 RPM +/-10%
Bearing type : HDB
Air Flow : 64.95 CFM
Air Pressure : 2.93mmH20
Noise Level : 12.8~36.9 dBA

  • Warranty

5 Years

The Aorus Waterforce II 360 has a lot of key features which makes it stand out from other AIO coolers on the market. The most notable being the “Fan EZ-Chain”. This is a genius slide-in interlocking mechanism that allows the fans to lock into each other and allow for data and power transfer. This really saves a lot of time on wiring each individual fan up and is an innovation that we can really support because of how easy it is to connect the fans to each other. Simply slide in and that’s it! Amazing!

The innovation doesn’t stop there though since Gigabyte have also redesigned the fan blades themselves to allow for increased airflow and pressure with a reduced noise output.

The waterblock that sits atop your CPU has a 330 degree rotatable design which allows you to move it around with ease and orientate it to your liking. The AIO is also compatible with both modern Intel and AMD motherboard sockets (Intel 115x,1200,1700 and AMD AM5, AM4) and is straightforward to mount on top of a CPU.

The overall build quality of the product seemed quite sturdy and makes us believe that the product will last a good few years in a PC without any problems. The tubing as well as the fans themselves felt really tough and this is great considering how an AIO is such an integral part of any gaming PC these days.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t do any rigorous testing ourselves due to not having access to a compatible AMD AM5 CPU, however, Spanish review website ProfesionalReview ran a series of tests with a fairly powerful gaming PC and obtained some great average temperatures of around 65 degrees Celsius. This places the AIO among some of the best out there on the market right now. We highly recommend giving their review a read if you’re in the market for a new cooler since the Aorus Waterforce II 360 delivered great performance under load.

And there you have it folks. This is a great product and one that we can easily see ourselves running in our future gaming PC build. It’s definitely a product to keep your eye on that’s for sure. South African pricing for the Aorus Waterforce II 360 hasn’t been confirmed yet but we expect it to retail for around R3500 like other coolers on the market that are quite similar.

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